Your voice is important

The plan emerges

Following an analysis of residents’ views in the residents' survey early this year and comments from the Neighbourhood Planning Team a draft of the plan has been produced and published in the Emerging Plan section of this website.


The Guildford Local Plan was approved  in April 2019 giving the green light to a big increase in the number of homes built in and around the Parish of West Clandon. We cannot ignore the Guildford Plan but we can have a greater say in what happens in our community IF we agree a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN for the Parish. 

For a Neighbourhood Plan to be approved we have to demonstrate that we have a shared vision of the future of our area and that our plan reflects the views of residents. The results of the residents' survey which helps us to do exactly that  can be seen on the link below.

To help us get more evidence on future housing needs in the area we are currently running a housing needs survey. The survey is completely anonymous and can be completed on line at 


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